Hayden Panettiere Gets Her Katsuya Kick

2 06 2008


Hayden Panettiere and her momager, Lesley, dine out at the trendy Katsuya sushi restaurant in West Hollywood on Sunday. The 18-year-old Heroes hottie signed a few autographs for fans as she left her late dinner.

Things sure aren’t over between Hayden and costar Milo Ventimiglia, 30. On May 18, the coupled enjoyed a romantic Sunday brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge.

“They arrived at 2PM and made their way to a booth in the back of the patio,” an eyewitness tells People. “Hayden led the way, with Milo right behind her, putting his hand on her back. Once they were seated, Milo stroked Hayden’s arm and rubbed her leg every so often.”

Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-01 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-02 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-03 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-04 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-05 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-06 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-07 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-08 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-09 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-10 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-11 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-12 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-13 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-14 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-15 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-16 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-17 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-18 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-19 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-20 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-21 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-22 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-23 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-24 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-25 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-26 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-27 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-28 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-29 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-30 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-31 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-32 Hayden-katsuya hayden-panettiere-katsuya-33
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