Mischa Barton’s Tequila Tantrum

25 05 2008


Mischa Barton and her boyfriend Taylor Locke storm past photographers with a huge bottle of tequila to their hotel on Wednesday in London, England .

Mischa, 22, was in a bad mood and covered her face to try and avoid being photographed.

The ex-O.C. actress is reportedly set to star in Simon Fellows‘ Malice in Wonderland opposite Danny Dyer. The film will be a creepy adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist.

Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-01 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-02 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-03 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-04 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-05 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-06 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-07 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-08 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-09 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-10 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-11 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-12 Barton-tequila mischa-barton-tequila-13
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