Eric Dane & His Wife @ Madeos Restaurant

3 05 2008
Rebecca Gayheart and Grey’s Anatomy husband Eric Dane
sign autographs outside of Madeos Restaurant in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday.

Eric, 35, was recently asked what his 36-year-old wife thinks about the “McSteamy” nickname and said, “She thinks it’s funny, she’s a huge fan of the show and gets a kick out of it!” He added, ‘‘It (nickname) doesn’t suck. I don’t mind it, it changed my life. I haven’t seen the downside to this nickname yet. McSteamy has been good to me so far.”

But like many actors, Dane wants people to love him for his mind! ‘‘But if they (audience) look just a little bit north of my chest and they actually see I can act, that’s a plus!”

10+ pictures of Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane’s restaurant romp…

Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-01 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-02 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-03

Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-04 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-05 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-06 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-07

Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-08 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-09 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-10 Gayheart-restaurant rebecca-gayheart-restaurant-romp-11
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