Pillow Talk with Wentworth Miller

12 04 2008
Prison Break star Wentworth Miller indulges in his caffeine addiction and grabs his daily Starbucks fix in Larchmont, Calif. on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old Prison Break star carried around a fluffy pillow, handcuffs and a ring of oversized keys.

Looks like Mr. Miller might be having some extra fun in the bedroom tonight!

Pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

15+ pictures inside of pillow talk with Wentworth Miller…

Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-01 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-02 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-03 

Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-04 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-05 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-06 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-07 
Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-08 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-09 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-10 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-11 
Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-12 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-13 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-14 Wentworth-pillow wentworth-miller-pillow-handcuffs-15
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