Kristen Bell: I Bark &… I Bite!

25 03 2008

Heroes hottie and Gossip Girl narrator Kristen Bell bites down on her boarding pass as she departs from LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Jon Heder (Napolian Dynamite) and Josh Duhamel (Transformers) have recently joined Kristen and the rest of the cast in the romantic comedy, When In Rome. Dax Shepard and Anjelica Huston have already been confirmed for the film.

The story is reportedly set in New York City where a young art curator (Bell) finds herself aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers after she steals coins from a Roman fountain. Duhamel will play the movie’s romantic lead. The movie is tentatively scheduled to release sometime next year.

10+ pictures of Kristen Bell showing off her nasty bark and bite…

Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-01 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-02 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-03 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-04 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-05
Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-06 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-07 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-08 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-09 Kristen-bell-bite kristen-bell-bite-10
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